Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We Like to Pray

A few weeks back I placed Kenyon in his high chair so we could all sit down and eat supper.  Suddenly, I had a wild hair and decided to teach him how to fold his hands and pray before eating.  It went well enough; Kenyon played along with mild interest and afterwards we continued on with the rest of our uneventful evening.

The next night, without prompting, Kenyon started grabbing for my hands with a fervor I've rarely seen come over him.  It took me quite a while to figure out exactly what it was he wanted, but finally his slower-than-molasses mother caught on and we prayed before supper.  That was a tough prayer to say out loud.  I had to choke back tears while we gave thanks for good little boys that reminded their mommies to pray.

Now I find him running up to me at random times throughout the day, every day, grabbing my hands and chirping, "Pray, pray, pray, pray."  If I happen to not immediately comply with his request, he begins to sound a bit more like a Baptist during a revival.  "PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!"

Its kind of fun, although I feel a bit badly about calling on God so many times each day.  Busy guy, ya know.  Its been great for me to stop just praying in my head but take the time to pause and think of little blessings to give thanks for ten times each day.  I love Kenyon's enthusiasm and I hope we can continue on in this little endeavor for a long time.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Support Your Local Sheriff, or Extension Agent.

I had the pleasure of judging a few County Club Day events yesterday.  The weather was beautiful for traveling, Kenyon got to stay with one of his many, many grandmas and play, and I had some much needed quiet time in the pickup by myself.  My day was nearly perfect.  As for the agents that put countless hours of work and preparation into the event?.... I'm afraid I can't say the same.  

As most of the events for the morning were wrapping up I heard an angry mom pull an agent to the side.  She proceeded ambush the agent with a one-sided conversation that ended with a her throwing her arms up in a dramatic fashion and declaring at the top of her voice, "THIS IS BULLSHIT!"  

Undoubtedly the agent had just performed some act so egregious that the mother's life had been ruined for all eternity.  

Undoubtedly there had been some sort of loss of life.  

Undoubtedly the offended child, or children, had just suffered such atrocious acts that they would be scarred for life, destined for an adulthood full of addiction, prison time and gang tattoos.  


I have no idea what the exact nature of the conversation entailed.

I do know; however, that the mother's response was not justified.

I do know that she forgot she was engaging in a 'conversation' with another human being.

I do know that the agent had already put in a 40+ hour week preparing for this event, given up a Saturday morning with their family to make sure that other families would have the opportunity to grow and thrive.  On top of the regular work week, there had been night meetings and time on the road traveling.

I do know that 60 other families were happy with the day's events and pleasing absolutely everyone in existence is an impossible task.

I could take a really dark turn here and say that I do know things would have turned out differently if I could have had the opportunity to have a similar 'conversation' with this parent.... but I won't.

I do know that her behavior was just as she described - bullshit.

I do know that even if she comes into the agent's office on Monday morning with candy, flowers and an apology that some things cannot be erased.  The same 50 people that heard her scream 'BULLSHIT' will not be there to hear her whisper 'sorry'.

I do know that this mother has successfully had my blood near boiling point for almost 24 hours.

I do know that most extension agents work their tails off week in and out to make the world a better place full of happy, healthy, engaged citizens.

I do not know, but I sincerely hope that at least one person reads this and changes their attitude or behavior the next time they have a inappropriate, one-sided 'conversation' with another person.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

A List

  • Wesley needed new shoelaces for his work boots and I needed to run several errands at the courthouse, so Kenyon and I drove the 30 miles to town across snow covered roads.  Turns out, today is President's Day and nearly everything but the Dollar Store was closed.  I ended up driving 60 miles round trip for $4.32 worth of shoelaces.  Note to self: stay at home moms must check the calendar at least once a month in case there are national holidays looming.  My bad.  
  • Kenyon found my high school diploma in a low lying bookshelf and has decided it is the coolest 'toy' on the face of the earth.  It is a leather-type folder that is embossed on the front and opens up to show a lovely sketch of my former high school.  He sits quietly on the couch and traces his fingers back and forth over the letters, whispering to himself.  
  • We got an inch of snow last night and the wind chill is in the single digits.  Wesley decided to drive to a neighbor's place and look at their bulls before their annual sale in a few weeks.  Times like today I am terribly torn.  I would love to be walking through pens and lots with him, doing some serious damage 'shopping', but at the same time it's not so bad being stuck in a nice, warm house and getting to play with Kenyon.  
  • Although it was not intentional, I made supper three nights in a row and each of the main dishes included chicken.  (Don't hate me, it was way on sale a few months ago at the grocery store.)  Wesley politely informed me that we had hit our quota on chicken for the rest of the month.  It needed to be beef from here on out.  My husband is a manly man, and little things like that are my constant affirmation of this fact.  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Harsh Reality

I'm not quite sure exactly how to describe it, but every day I feel like a little piece of my heart aches.  I love how Kenyon is turning into such a big boy, but it is happening at such a rapid pace and I just can't stand it.  Thank goodness for cameras and the ability to forever soak up moments like these.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

We're Boring. Here Are Some Pictures To Pacify.

I have nothing of note to post about this past week.  Absolutely nothing.  And I love this.  Our life is simple, boring (to others) and most fulfilling (to us).  

Oh, one thing to note.  Whilst attempting to serve as my son's personal paparazzo, I was viciously attacked.  Please view the recovered evidence below.  Viewer discretion is advised.  (Click to enlarge, trust me.) 

Friday, January 23, 2015

The No-No Monster

I may have done tooooo good a job of parenting.  (Insert hardy laughter here.)  Kenyon now likes to walk around the house and constantly critique me and my housekeeping skills.  I like to think that I set the bar low intentionally just to keep him constantly occupied.  (Again, insert a mild chuckle here.  Don't worry, I'll wait.)

He helps me take out the trash.  I take the filled grocery sacks out of the trash cans, tie them up and hand them to Kenyon, who then drags them to the back door.  Now, every time he sees a nearly-full can he shouts "NO-NO!" and proceeds to pull the sack out of the trashcan.  Because obviously his mother was too lazy to take out the trash in a timely manner.

If he dribbles milk out of his sippy cup he immediately shouts "NO-NO" and waits for me to bring him a paper towel so he can wipe up the mess.  I was getting ready in the bathroom this morning when I heard him knock knock on the door.  (Not only does he knock knock, but he also verbalizes this, because he knows his mother is slow.)  When I opened the door I found my little shirtless man in a tizzy because he had dribbled milk onto his belly and it needed wiped up rightthisminute.

Kenyon has now taken to pacing back and forth in the kitchen, looking for any signs of dirt or manure that may have fallen off his dad's boots.  He will then stand at attention, pointing as well as any bird dog and shout "NO-NO!" until his mother brings a broom and dustpan to sweep up the offending specks.

If you think your house is spotless, don't worry, I'll lend you a one year old for an afternoon.  He'll bash your ego until you feel one step below a caveman.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Running for Office

I can't be absolutely sure, but I think that my son is gearing up for a run at a public office.  I can't ask him directly, though, as I'm sure he'd evade my line of questioning and say something vague about how he's 'keeping his options open'.

Why do I think this?  Take the following examples.....

He loves to kiss his baby cousin, Kade.  Every time he sees him it is nothing but lovin' for that little ball of cuteness.  I'm not sure if Kade's parents are in our jurisdiction or not; I guess I will know more when Kenyon finally lets me know if it is a state or local office.

Kenyon and I sat on the inside edge of the pew at church on Sunday.  He stood on my lap at the end of the service and shook hands with every old lady as they filed down the aisle.  Don't think he didn't break some hearts that day.

Kenyon's great-grandparents came out to the house to play on Sunday evening.  Each and every time his great grandpa would do something amusing, Kenyon would laugh like there was no tomorrow.  Not only did he laugh heartily, he really put on a show and would double over with laughter, holding his stomach, and turn his head to the side to make sure they were watching the entire time.  There is sucking up, and then there is realllllllllly going overboard.  We were definitely in the overboard stage at that point.

Sooooo, kissing babies, shaking hands and kissing up to folks.  If he's not running for some sort of public office, what else could it be?