Thursday, May 26, 2016

Life Lately

There's not been much in our lives lately that is noteworthy (not that I'm complaining).  Our boring little life is just fine with us.

Lots of rain lately means lots of rainbows.  If you look really closely, you'll notice that this particular storm produced a double rainbow.  It was absolutely stunning in real life. 
Story time is his favorite.... right behind eating.

The following picture is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  This is why we got married and had children.  This was always our plan from day one.  I can now die happy.

Do you realize what this picture means???


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Some Things Never Change

Every single year, there is one week during the month of May when Wes and the men work calves.

Every single year, during that one week, I make or take lunch to the men in the pastures.

Every single year, (or at least for the past three years) I have small boys with me.  They absolutely love having a pasture picnic.  

Looking through pictures from previous years only helps to solidify the fact that we are creatures of habit.  

I always spread out the food, buffet-style, on the tailgate of my pickup. 

My father-in-law always tells me my deviled eggs are the best and it's hard to beat a good deviled egg.

Wes always takes a boy to eat and play with him during lunch. 

The men always tell me that my cookies are awful and I need to practice making them more often.  

John 2016

Kenyon 2014

John 2016
8 months

Kenyon 2014
10 months

I look forward to this week each and every year.  Even if I can't be helpful working calves during this decade or so when toting around babies, I like to be helpful in my own little small way and bring them some nice meals.  

Who managed to spill Gatorade on himself within 30 seconds of getting out of the pickup?
This guy.

Talking strategy.

A calf getting some ear tags and vaccinations.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Well Done

Way back before colleges needed 'safe spaces' in case a professor said something challenging to students...

Way back before it became commonplace for students to say cliche things like 'I just need to take some time and find myself'...

Way back before it became commonplace for students to take 5+ years to obtain a 4 year degree...

Before all those things took place:

It was possible to know exactly what you wanted in life and be dedicated towards that goal.

It was possible to obtain a four year teaching degree in 3 1/2 years.

It was possible to teach at the same school for more than 30 years and see multiple generations of one family pass through your doors.

At 5 pm today, it will be the end of an era.  At 5 pm today, Mrs. Curry, teacher extraordinaire to hundreds, will ride off into the sunset.

At 5:01 pm today, she will henceforth forever more be known simply as Grandma Nellie. 

Well done, Grandma Nellie. Well done.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Very Simple Life

We've been trying to go fishing about once a week so far this spring.  The boys seem to really enjoy it.  Although we spend most of our days outside, fishing means we spend our time outside and near water, which is totally different.

I would like to think that with most of our hobbies and activities, we could be very content had we been born 100 years earlier (minus the whole camera phone and blogging thing).

Yep.  Just another wild and crazy Saturday night at our house. 

Kenyon is a bit apprehensive once the fish get out of the water.
He stood a bit close once and a fish tail whacked him in the cheek.  Whoops.

And here's a random picture of John eating carrots.
Because who doesn't like warm, mushy carrots?
Anyone?  Everyone?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Springtime is Not for Blogging

There are no apologies regarding the lack of posts lately.  Do you know why?

Springtime is not for blogging.  

Springtime is for chickens.

Springtime is for playing on the porch, watching your mom work in the flower beds. 

Springtime is for planting garden produce.  A backhoe?  Well, how else is someone supposed to dig a proper hole for a tomato plant if not with a backhoe?

Springtime is for riding bulls.

And springtime is time for riding lawnmowers with Dad.

Springtime is for grocery shopping.  Well, really anytime is time for grocery shopping with John in the chest carrier and Kenyon in the cart.  For the life of me, I can't understand why 'grocery shopping' is not considered exercise in any of the workout apps on my phone.

Springtime is for storms.

Springtime is for reading stories to your grandma.

And, according to her, a perfectly acceptable time to load up on ice cream right before bedtime.

It is time for stories and morning coffee with your grandad. 

It is time for hanging out with your brother.

Springtime is for playing HARD at the park.

Springtime is when we have a meeting of the minds and talk garden layouts.

Springtime is when we sleep in lightweight pj's, or maybe no pj's at all.

Springtime is when we absolutely pass out after a hard day of working outside.

Springtime is when God shows off some of His best skies.

No, my friends, springtime is not for blogging.  Springtime is for soaking up everything outside. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We're Full of It

Fun Fact: The average farmer feeds 155 people.  That's roughly double the number of people pictured here.  (Although if I count humans like I sometimes count cattle I could be wrong.)

The majority of participants at the 2016 A Day at the Farm

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to participate in an event called A Day at the Farm and I had an absolute blast.  I only hope it was as inspiring for those that drove from the city to partake in everything.

For a quick rundown, approximately 100 people (ages 2-80) came from Wichita to the Flint Hills to learn why we do, what we do and how we do it.  You know - feed the world and other minor stuff.

When I got home that evening and relayed the day's events to my husband it occurred to me that one particular theme kept popping into my mind: We are full of it.

We are full of crazy ideas that turn into wonderful opportunities.

We are full of information and more than willing to share with others. 

We are full of hands-on opportunities.

We are full of big, juicy burgers.

We are full of treats - because nothing beats milk and cookies after a full day of play.

We are full of sage wisdom.

We are full of stories.

We are full of information.

We are full of stewardship.

We are full of fun questions and answers.

We are full of hope and optimism for the future generation.

We are full of God's blessings each and every day to be able to live these lives.

This day help reinvigorate me when I needed it most.  It reminded me that there is a reason we bust our tails day in and day out.  This is why I have never ending loads of laundry covered in manure, hydraulic oil and diesel fuel.  This is why my children can go days on end without seeing their dad unless we bring lunch to the pasture.  This is why I learned to balance a baby on one hip while feeding a bottle calf with the other hand.  To help feed and clothe the entire world.

We may not know you personally, but we want you to be happy.  We want your bellies to be full and the clothes on your back to keep you warm.

We are 'full of it', just not in the typical way!

For more pictures and information regarding A Day at the Farm, or for more information regarding all things beef, please 'like' Greenwood County Cattlewomen on Facebook.