Tuesday, March 7, 2017

If I Were A Good Blogger

We're no longer shooting for greatness here, folks.  I no longer harbor any grandiose dreams of becoming a great blogger.  We're aiming slightly lower these days.  If I were a good, decent blogger, you would have read some sort of update from me in the last month.  Here's the quick and dirty...

If I were a good blogger:

  • You would have seen more smiles.

  • You would know all about little footprints in construction dust and getting ready for the new baby.

  • You'd know about Kenyon's new 'big boy' bed that I slightly covet for myself.
  • You'd know all about that perfect evening with no wind when we walked down to the silo and watched the hay grinder man with his big machine. 

  • You'd know that we had our garden worked and ready for potatoes and onion sets on the 17th. 

  • You'd know about the week that Wesley did nothing but work ground and the only time we saw him was the 45 minutes the boys would ride with him in the evenings.  (That week sucked.)

  • You'd know that we absolutely love the neighbor men in our life, no matter where we run into them.

  • You'd know that I came across this recipe and laughed a little, and then had a little cry because I missed him.  And I didn't have enough boxes of salt for the recipe.

  • You'd know that there was one really still Sunday afternoon when we went fishing and didn't even have a nibble.  

  • You'd know that little boys are absolute dirt magnets.  Here's our evidence.  If you look closely at the picture below you'll notice a circle that is relatively clean thanks to the nice lady at the grocery store that gave Kenyon a sticker.  The rest of his shirt was filthy compared to that little circle.  I thank the Lord every day for my washing machine.

  • You'd see more wrestling matches that just seem to get rougher and rougher each day.  Sometimes I stop them; most of the time I don't. 

  • You'd know all about Kenyon riding his grandad's horse and doing big-time, man stuff with him.

If I were a good blogger, you'd know about all these things. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

From the Mouth of Babes

Mr. Kenyon is three and has reached an incredibly fun age (when he isn't making me want to pull my hair out or drink heavily).  He manages to say something quotable nearly every single day.  I wish I was better at writing more of them down.

While Feeding
We took drive around the silo the other evening and allowed Kenyon to explain to his dad and I what all the different components are that he and his Grandpa feed with nearly every day.  "That's the ground corn, that's the ground hay, there's the distillers, that's the silage..."  He waved his arms around in a grand fashion as he proudly explained the contents of 'his territory'.  I asked him what was stored in the poly bin at the edge of the silo (and for the record I KNEW WHAT WAS IN THERE).

Kenyon sighed and slapped one hand on his forehead because he was obviously surrounded by idiots.
"Mommmmmm, that is the mineral!"

At Nap Time
Mom: Okay, you'll lay down and go right to sleep?

Kenyon: Yes.  I'll lay right down and go to sleep.

I walked out of his bedroom and softly closed the door.


Conserving Energy
"Mama, if I see that light on in that utility room one more time, there had better be someone in there.  You are wearing me out!"

I hear the phrase, "Mama, you are wearing me out" multiple times a day.

P.S.- I feel as bad about wearing him out as he does about wearing his mama out.

At Supper Time
(This one is my personal favorite thus far.)

We all sat down for supper the other night and Kenyon asked for a cup of water.

"But I don't want any whiskey in mine, please."

Noted, child.  No whiskey for the three year old.  Got it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pond Cleaning

Wesley spent better than a week cleaning out a pond in one of the pastures recently.  Every night he would leave the bulldozer and come home a gigantic ball of mud.  

On his last day working on the pond, he asked me to bring the boys out not just to watch him (which we had been doing every day) but to ride on the bulldozer to the very center of the pond.  It isn't like him to make such a request so I was happy to oblige him.... even if there was only a 22 degree windchill out that day.  

By this time poor John was already frozen but we threw him on the dozer anyhow.

Here's a picture to help you gauge just how large the pond really is.
That was an awful lot of mud to push out.

This part absolutely made me giggle.  Wesley kept shouting at me to zoom in and then he' instruct the boys to wave.  This was the most I could zoom in without completely switching out lenses on my camera, which is not something my little frozen fingers were about to do.  Can you tell if they are waving???

 They took at little drive along the dam to inspect the backside of the pond...

My poor, frozen little popsicle of a son.  Notice how John's expression really doesn't change much throughout the photos.  I don't think he could physically move his face at this point.  No worries though.  Once he got back in the car and warmed up he was all smiles and giggles and babbled incessantly about his 'man time'.  

Friday, February 3, 2017

Country Kids at the Zoo

A few weeks ago we met one of my sisters and nephew for an afternoon at the local zoo.

Kenyon had been there several times before, and he's MUCH older, so of course he had to do the obligatory condescending-hand-on-shoulder-while-explaining-thing.

 I cannot put into words just exactly how much I love these three stooges.

In order of riding on turtle: ages 2, 3, 1
And two more on the way.
Yes, we're all losing our minds.
Child in foreground: One of mine
Child in background: One of my sister's


...for fruit snacks.

And they all napped happily ever after.

I'm starting to enjoy driving a car (most of the time).  Behold, the real reason we met our cousin for an afternoon at the zoo: hand-me-down clothing swap.  It seems hardly a time goes by that we meet up and don't have clothes to exchange for these rapidly growing kiddos.
 And... because I was attempting to extend my 'awesome mama' streak yesterday, I took the boys out to lunch while we were running errands.  (Don't worry, I'm not a super mom.  The streak rarely lasts more than about 30 minutes or so before my patience runs out and someone is in trouble.)

 The general consensus of our tribe was that the food was indeed delicious.

AND, because I was feeling extremely wild and adventurous, I even purchased two cupcakes for the boys to eat when we all arrived home.  (I'm a wild one, I tell ya'.  Even Wes gave me a perplexed look when I told him how much I spoiled the boys that morning.  Spoiled: lunch and one cupcake each.)

Behold: The most agonizing drive in the history of the universe.  This was the longest 30 mile drive home. EVER. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Odds, Ends and Life Lately

Our lives seem to stay quite busy.  We don't have much noteworthy going on, but boy are we exhausted by the end of the day.  

Wesley has been cleaning out a pond in one of our pastures with the bulldozer.  We've been out a few times to check on his progress and let Kenyon ride with him.  Poor John still draws the short straw and has to entertain his mother instead of doing 'man stuff'.  

On this particular day it was 25 degrees out and there was a sharp north wind blowing.  I insisted Kenyon crawl off the dozer after nearly an hour and come sit in the vehicle with me.  I thought I was performing my motherly duties.  I thought I was saving his life.  

I thought wrong.  I ruined his life.  He was utterly dejected the rest of the evening.  

During the few nicer days we've made sure to soak up as much sunshine and dirt road miles as possible.

Our theme for church last Sunday was 'vests'.  I'm not promising to shoot for a theme every Sunday, but it's worked for us the past few weeks.

The weather forecasters have been predicting the apocalypse for over a week now.  Torrential ice is supposed to cover our area, power will be lost, mass chaos will likely ensue.  (Okay, so I made that last part up.)  

Truth be told, I just can't get that worked up or dramatic about bad weather.  I view it as more of a challenge.  I like to see what I'm really made of; test my moxie.  I'd like to think we are fairly prepared.  Our laundry is totally caught up, dishes washed, children and self bathed.  We can ride out a few days with no power and do alright.  

I ran errands this week and this was a picture of my cart at the grocery store.  Folks would look at my cart, chuckle, and inevitably make a joke to the effect of, 'Getting ready for the ice storm, eh?'  (Actually, I don't think anyone included 'eh' because we don't live in Canada.  I took a bit of creative license there.)  I enjoyed providing my stonefaced reply to each and every one of them.  

"Ice storm?  No, why?"  

This is normal, folks.  (Everything but the 12 boxes of Kleenex, which were on sale and I had some lovely coupons.)  I try to make most all our meals, I had coupons and my mother-in-law was kind enough to keep the boys one morning for me.  I was in heaven.   

Our first round of ice came last night and thus far the roads aren't too terrible.  We've been out and delivered cookies to the men that are feeding cattle despite any weather and now have holed up for the foreseeable future with a few good books.  If you have any weather headed your way make sure to stay warm, friends!